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Custom Ahsoka Tano face decal released

Today, I finished another decal request – The Clone Wars star heroine, Ahsoka Tano!

The idea was to have a face decal of young (Clone Wars era) padawan Ahsoka Tano that's in line with the normal minifig face designs and does not have the unique The Clone Wars designs Lego used for that line of minifigs (cartoony proportions, overly big anime eyes).

Interestingly enough, there exists an official design that I could use for it! It is not used for the physically produced minifigs, but instead, it is featured in the Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars videogame:

Bildergebnis für lego star wars 3 ahsoka

This gave me a template to work with, but only for proportions sake. I then proceeded to tweak the design based on stills from the show to make it a little more authentic. Also, to keep in line with Ahsoka's grown-up face design from the Star Wars Rebels sets, I decided to give her blue eyes instead of black ones for continuity's sake.

The neutral expression on the left was the first design; I knew that a character like Ahsoka called for two expressions, so I wanted a basic one as a template first. In hindsight, it now appears to be rather boring looking, when the smiling expression on the right looks so much more lively and does the character way more justice. So in the future, the neutral expression might be changed to a fiercer, more aggressive battle expression, but for now it will have to do. This was the first of two decals requested, and before I update this one, I want to be done with the other decal as well. There's always a chance to go back to a finished design and make tweaks and enhancements at a later point in time.

4 thoughts on “Custom Ahsoka Tano face decal released

  1. Florian

    That's a very great take on the character. Unfortunately, I actually run out of medium dark flesh minifig heads, so I won't be able to try the head in a while, but I am sure this will look really good.

    Thanks a lot for this one!

    1. Peter

      Don't worry, take your time! It would be great to see a picture of the applied decal if you get around to it sometime. 🙂

      1. Florian

        I will try to do so in the fortnight. Oh, by the way, you should upload them on Eurobricks. I am sure your decals would really be useful for a lot of users there!

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