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After postponing it for many months, today I proudly release the next chapter in my Nar Eurbrikka tale: Episode XV – Top Of The Class. This is, as of yet, my most ambitious chapter, considering the scope of the editing. It required heavy post production for practically every shot, and additonally launched with an introduction video in true Star Wars fashion, so please have a look and enjoy it:

If you want to see how Cody's involvement in the Battle of Coruscant plays out, check out the new chapter here: Episode XV – Top Of The Class


Today, I finally finished Episode XIV: Day Of The Spectacle! It took me longer than expected to upload it, as photography was wrapped up almost three weeks ago... but like so often, life interfered and put my efforts to a halt for a while. I hope you enjoy this new, 36 panel chapter and as always, I dearly appreciate comments & criticism!Head over to the Nar Eurbrikka section to check it out!

About a week ago, the 13th episode of the Nar Eurbrikka met its deadline and I submitted my entry. It both fulfilled the mission's parameter as well as continued my own story satisfyingly. Check it out in the Nar Eurbrikka section: Episode XIII – Quantum of Sunrise! Also, apart from the detailled Making Of for Episode XII, it is the first episode with a lengthy commentary – so make sure to check that out at the bottom of the comic page if you are interested in some background details such as the building time or where the episode's name stems from!

The continuation of Episode XII is finally online! The next big episode hosted by Nar Eurbrikka will soon release, so Part XII-I serves as an interim chapter to bridge the gap between both episodes. Head over to the Nar Eurbrikka section to read Part XII-I: Sowing The Seed!

After an unexpected personal tragedy throwing me off track in september, I'm back from hibernation to grant you a little behind the scenes look of Episode XII in the Nar Eurbrikka section today!

As I stated in the commentary of the episode, the shooting took approximately four hours – that included only setting up the stage and the lighting and taking the pictures, no building at all. Building my scene for the episode took place over the course of roughly two weeks, since I could only work on it from time to time after work hours.

...continue reading "The Making Of Episode XII – Part 1"

Now this is my first real, full-blown episode which will actually award me XP (hopefully)! Head over to the Nar Eurbrikka section to find out what challenges Cody faces in his first assignment for the Rebel Alliance!

Episode 0 of Cody Startale's adventures in Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka is online. Originally posted on as the character introduction, it was not judged as an entry, but I still decided to put it up here as an episode. It marks our hero Cody's first appearance in that Galaxy Far, Far Away, so it's quite a historic moment!

So, to start things off slowly, I have created a character cast page for my Nar Eurbrikka roleplay. If you want to know more about Nar Eurbrikka – a Star Wars-themed Lego Role Play set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi – make sure to check out Thinking about it, make sure to check it out either way, it's gonna be worth it.

Sometime next week, my first entry for a Nar Eurbrikka episode will be submitted. It will mark my characters' first real participation in the play beyond their out-of-competition introduction. Pictures will be up after posting my entry on Eurobricks, as per Nar Eurbrikka guidelines all entries must be previously unreleased.