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Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka

What is Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka?

Nar Eurbrikka is a Star Wars-themed online Lego RPG. Phew, that's a lot to take in, right? It's actually rather simple. Like most online RPGs, it is played via message boards and has a Star Wars-inspired story as its setting (it's actually heavily influenced by Legends story Shadows of the Empire, d'uh). The only real gist is that you don't tell the story in lengthy written posts, but instead, you build your character and your plot with Lego! So, it merges your building creativity for Lego with your imagination and story-telling and lets you go wild – as long as you can put together your ideas in Lego-form.

How does it work?

There are regular episodes taking place that advance the story for everyone; each episode presents a new scenario and goal for both opposing factions (Empire and Rebel Alliance). It is your task to come up with a story about how your character is involved in these events and tries to accomplish the faction's respective goals. In between episodes, you can also make so-called freebuilds to advance your personal story. Both episode entries and freebuilds will be judged and awarded XP, depending on how well they were executed, and gain your character progression and better military ranks.

Sounds great!

Yeah, it is! 😀

Check it out here if you got curious.

Why does your character start with Episode 0 and then jumps to Episode XII? Where's Episode I – XI?

No, I am not trying to pull a George Lucas here. Episode 0 is my character's introduction and was presented at Eurobricks as such. It was my first presentation and didn't earn me any XP yet.

Because I wasn't there from the start, episodes have already taken place at Nar Eurbrikka, though. So by the time my character properly joins the game, his first participation will be in Episode XII. That's why XII is after 0. Story-wise, I didn't skip anything, he just wasn't around in the plot before.