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Custom Admiral Yularen decal released

Scratching yet another decal request off my list, I finished working on a young version of Admiral Yularen, as featured in the Clone Wars animated series! I wasn't sure if the right tone for his uniform exists as a torso, so I designed one opaque and one transparent decal:

Admiral Yularen features the same rank insignia and uniform style as seen in the show and two different expressions, one standard sceptical military expression and one more friendly, humorous one. Like Ahsoka Tano, this decal was requested by Florian and I hope it will serve him well in complementing his Lego Grand Army of the Republic!

3 thoughts on “Custom Admiral Yularen decal released

  1. Florian

    Just a remark : I think that we have been mistaken on the color of his uniform. Given that the GAR is likely to become the Imperial one, I think that they do keep the colors.

  2. Florian

    Simply wow! I am an absolute fan of this one, sincerely. Concerning the colour of his uniform, I think that the most accurate in Lego would be olive green, and if I am not mistaken (I really have some difficulties finding the right colour name), that's the one you've chosen.

    Once again, thank you very much!

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