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Part XIV-I – Welcome to the Rebellion

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  • The outpost AX-235 existed in the Legends EU. It was the base that intercepted the data transmissions of the first Death Star plans and relayed the data to the Tantive IV.
  • Kordi Freemaker is, of course, a cameo from the Freemaker Adventures. In this story, her and her family are canon, though I deliberately leave it ambiguous whether or not the events of the series actually happened, especially everything about the Force and the Kyber Saber Crystals.
  • The asteroid field background in the control room scene was inserted in post production. But during shooting, the build was photographed against a TV displaying an even more elaborate asteroid field image created specifically for this purpose. But due to camera angles and depth of field, the background was never clearly visible and no asteroids could be recognized, so it was replaced in post. The original background with a blurred, blue-shining asteroid can still be seen in panel 8, in which no replacement was done.
  • General Willard is named after the character who greets Princess Leia on Yavin IV in A New Hope. It is not meant to be the same character, though, and only share the name.
  • The glowing computer screen was achieved with a Lego Power Functions LED built into it. That's also the reason why the computer is relatively big.