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Some more Goblin decals

So, thanks to Marley's suggestions, these are some more goblin decal variations that I came up with. There is a female version now, too, complete with a snarl expression and a scarred eye variation.

The male face comes in a standard variant, a snarl, a war scar and with war paint, as well as with war paint and additional eyebrow piercings and a scar on the left eye.

6 thoughts on “Some more Goblin decals

  1. Marley Mac

    Very cool! I really appreciate you doing this, it'll definitely help add more variety to my goblin ranks. One thing that I find just looks kinda odd is the lips/scars on the female faces, the lighter green just looks a tad odd to me. Though I could probably just edit that to a darker colour when I download them.

    1. Peter

      Glad you like them, Marley! Well, the lips and scar color should be no big deal to adjust. I can do it if you tell me which colors you want (I had no idea what a scar on a green skin would look like, after all 😉 ), it's literally one click with the source file for me whereas it requires a bit more editing on your end.

      1. Marley Mac

        Okay, if it's not that hard, then I would like it better if you did it. Anyway, I've done some experimentation on my own and I think the colour you used beneath the mouth on the male faces would work as a good colour for the lips. As for the scars (the ones mainly on the females but also on the one with the piercings.) I think it main be better if they were the same colour as the one of that's on the third face from the left. I know it's not the most realistic, but I find it the most recognizable as a scar.

          1. Marley Mac

            Thanks man! I really appreciate you doing this. Also, how do you normally apply decals? Waterslide I presume, judging by your TFA Luke fig.

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