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Request a decal

Do you need a custom Lego design? Let me know what you have in mind and I will see what I can do! Just leave a comment underneath this post with your decal request and I will get an e-mail notification and reply to you as soon as possible.

Important: please do not request more than one or two decals at a time. Creating decal designs is a time-consuming process and everyone should get an even chance to have his/her request tackled by me.

Please make sure to use a valid email adress so that I have ways to contact you about your decal! If you don't use a valid email adress, your decal request will automatically be denied.


25 thoughts on “Request a decal

  1. JabicZF

    Hey Man, i was wondering if you could try and make a decal for Dryden Vos? I would really appreciate it, but Don't Worry, there's no rush!

    1. Peter

      Hey there! In fact, I too wanted a Dryden Vos decal for a long time, since I love the Solo movie and the character. I have started working on one quite some time ago, but never got to finish it... but I think now I will, thanks! I will make sure to let you know when it's done!

  2. Marley Mac

    Hey, remember me? Well I'm back with yet another decal request, though this one shouldn't be nearly as hard to do as my last one, seeing as you would only need to design two parts.

    Anyway, if it's not too much trouble, what I'd like is a torso decal similar to this torso ( but on a olive green background and using the darkest green you used on the faces (the one between the eyes in the snarl faces) for the chest.

    Also, if you're not too busy, I'd love if you could do this arm print ( on an olive green background.

    Thank you! Hope it's not too much trouble.

    1. Peter

      Hello Marley!

      Sure do remember you, yeah. Sorry, the website is going veeeeeery slowly right now, as are the decal requests. Haven't done any decal work in quite a while now, I will try to get to it soon! Hope you're well!

  3. Marley Mac

    Hey, just found this website, looks cool! Anyway, I was wondering you could create
    a decal version of the goblin from the Lego Minifigure Series, but with some variants. (E.G. One has a scar, one is female, one has war paint, etc...)
    You see, I'm using that face for some minifigs, but I just hate the grin.

    1. Peter

      Hello Marley,

      thanks for visiting! Your request sounds reasonable and I will queue it, I hope you're not in a hurry? It might take until the end of April before I can get around to it.

      Also, could you provide some sample images? I don't know the minifig you are referring to off the top of my head. Thanks!

  4. Taylor S


    Can you make Saw Gerrera's head and torso?

    General Dodonna's head and torso?

    PZ-4CO's torso and legs?

    Ponda Boba's torso?

    Cornellius Evazan's Head and Torso?


    1. Peter

      Hello Taylor,

      that's quite a list. Right now, I have a number of requests queued up, so it might take a while until I get back to you. I can't make concrete promises right now, but maybe in a few weeks I can start working on one or two of those. For the future, please do not request more than one or two decals at a time, since such an extensive list tends to hog my decal creating capabilities considerably and that wouldn't be quite fair to other users who want to request decals as well.

      1. Taylor S


        Thanks very much! I can wait any time, weeks, months whenever you can fit me in then I'd be more than happy! I also used your Nien Nunb decal I requested a while back on a minifigure, with a custom torso. I'll send the photo to you. I also used the Antilles decal aswell. I apologise for asking too much, I am truely sorry Peter.

  5. Peter

    Decal requests currently approved and queued:

    Bob the Goon and Vacation Joker by mattyj

    Mara Jade by A person

    Boba Fett arms by TK-1776

    A few decals by Taylor

    Goblin variants by Marley

      1. Peter

        So sorry, man, but I got caught up in RL stuff and work on the Nar Eurbrikka episode. How soon do you need it? I'll try to prepone the work on your decals.

        1. Marley Mac

          Um, probably in like two weeks. I'm beginning a story series and one of the main characters is a goblin, so I need a decal for them. But if you're busy that's fine. I can postpone the posting of if.

          1. Peter

            Hello Marley,

            please check the blog post on the homepage in which a first WIP draft of the goblin faces has been posted. Your feedback would be helpful to see if I'm on the right track.

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