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Wieder einmal ist es soweit und Gamer aus ganz Österreich pilgern in die Hauptstadt, wenn das Rathaus seine Pforten für die selbsternannte siebtgrößte Stadt Österreichs öffnet: die Game City öffnet ihre Pforten von 18. bis 20. Oktober!

Nicht nur die Fans sind zahlreich: auch die namhaften Aussteller und Entwickler sind zuhauf vertreten und zeigen dem Publikum, was ihr Hard- und Software-Portfolio für sie bereit hält. Neben den "großen Drei", Nintendo, Sony und Microsoft, sind auch Playbooths von bekannten Entwicklern wie Ubisoft, EA, THQ Nordic, M-Azing Games und Bethesda vor Ort zu finden. Außerdem, wie die Stammecke von Startale bestimmt erfreut feststellen wird, ist ein eigener Retro-Bereich reserviert, in dem man die Errungenschaften der 8- und 16-bit-Ära bewundern darf.

Retro noch immer in Mode

Wie jedes Jahr hält sich auch heuer hartnäckig das Gerücht unter den Retroloop-Teilnehmern, dass Alexander 'Marlex' Koch als Überraschungsgast im Retro-Corner auftauchen und in einem eigenen Booth seine Pläne für die Zukunft von Vampires Dawn präsentieren wird. Die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt...

Weiterhin freuen sich viele auf das Meet & Greet mit P. R. Selous, der aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern wird über die Teilnahme am Monthly Game Jam und Fragen beantworten wird darüber, wie man den Sprung in die Videospiel-Entwicklerszene schafft. Wir sind gespannt!

After postponing it for many months, today I proudly release the next chapter in my Nar Eurbrikka tale: Episode XV – Top Of The Class. This is, as of yet, my most ambitious chapter, considering the scope of the editing. It required heavy post production for practically every shot, and additonally launched with an introduction video in true Star Wars fashion, so please have a look and enjoy it:

If you want to see how Cody's involvement in the Battle of Coruscant plays out, check out the new chapter here: Episode XV – Top Of The Class


I am sure all of you remember the iconic ending scene of The Force Awakens, yes? Where Rey finds a certain Jedi on a desolate island on the planet Ahch-To? Nobody could forget that.

Well, strangely enough, we never got a Lego set of this legendary scene, even though it seems like a no-brainer. Which also means that we never got a TFA Luke Skywalker minifig. What a shame! Well, since I am into decals anyway, I decided to rectify that. Actually, I started working on this decal over a year ago, shortly after the movie's release, in fact. Believe it or not, it took me almost one and a half years to finally put together a version that I am satisfied with – I didn't work on it all the time, but I revisited the design every few weeks to tweak it a little bit, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. If my progress resulted in a satisfying design, you can decide for yourself:

This was partially inspired by a design seen in the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game. But ultimately, it was largely my own design choices, based on his actual movie outfit.

I guess I am not 100% content with it, as always, but I feel that it is as good as it's going to get for now. Maybe I will return to working on it at a later point, but I wanted this decal finished and posted for the time being. The face decal could be used on a flesh background for white decal paper, too; as you can see in the images, transparent decals tend not to be too opaque in the beard and eyebrow region.


So, thanks to Marley's suggestions, these are some more goblin decal variations that I came up with. There is a female version now, too, complete with a snarl expression and a scarred eye variation.

The male face comes in a standard variant, a snarl, a war scar and with war paint, as well as with war paint and additional eyebrow piercings and a scar on the left eye.


So, as Marley requested variations of goblins a while back, I rescheduled some stuff and present a little WIP today, featuring different goblin face variations.

I got rid of the standard goblin smile, which looks kinda ridiculous, and replaced it with a standard scowl expression. There's a variation with a scar and one with warpaint, Lord of the Rings-style.

Let me know if you have ideas for more variations.


As requested by TK-1776, I updated the arms of my current Boba Fett decal to be in line with his changed outfit in Return of the Jedi:

I think I know why the arm design was requested by TK-1776, as this year's 75174 Desert Skiff Escape set comes with another Boba Fett minifig, but like in 2016's Carbon-Freezing Chamber 75137, he comes without printed arms:

Desert Skiff Escape

Which is a bit of a bummer, but can hopefully be fixed with this decal! Have fun, TK-1776, and if you put it to use, make sure to send me a picture of the applied decal so I can show it off in the guest content section!

The Mara Jade decal is done!

This was a decal request and my first try ever at a "full body" decal, i.e. torso, hips, legs and face (and arms, but that wasn't much of an effort). Combine those decals with a minifig with red hair, a lightsaber and maybe a cape and you've got yourself a nice Mara Jade minifig, I assume!

As there is no definitive canon depiction of Mara Jade, I based her design on this ArtFX figure:

The next release of the april decals arrives, and it's the Vacation Joker torso!

This was another request by Batman fan mattyj and depicts Joker's preferred sun&fun outfit in the Lego Batman videogames. With this irresistible look, is there anyone out there who wouldn't love for the Joker to crash his or her beach party?

Good news, folks! I have started to work on the april decals and will start to roll them out one after another within the next few days and weeks!

We're off to a hot start with Bob the Goon from the 1989 Batman movie, as requested by mattyj!

This custom head and torso decals feature Bob's iconic west, complete with arm decals, and one standard expression and one expression with sunglasses. After all, he is the Joker's number one guy, right? Speaking of which, the Joker emblem on the chest has been Lego-fied as well to match the minifig style. Hope you enjoy it, mattyj, and your vacation Joker will be the next in line!